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Colored pencils Marco Superb Writer Gold 36 colors (E4100G-36CB)

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  • Product Code: E4100G-36CB
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Brand: Marco

Colored pencils Marco Superb Writer Gold 36 colors (E4100G-36CB) are designed for younger artists. In a cardboard box are the 36 best colors for children's drawing, according to experts. Ideal for use in schools, preschools and for home use.

Uniquely matched hexagonal pencil shape does not tire your hand quickly. Pencils with a stylus thickness of 3.3 mm are economical to use and can be sharpened using simple sharpener, while the tips do not break off.

Pencils are soft, colors - with an extremely high concentration of pigment and the highest possible lightfastness. The shade on the paper matches the color on the pencil. They sketch well layer by layer, without fading in the sun.

Number of colors 36
Pencil shape hexagon
Stylus diameter 3.3mm
Type colored
Serie Superb Writer Gold
Type of packaging cardboard
Number of packs in the block 4
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