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Graphics set Marco Natural (6810-15CY)

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Brand: Marco

Graphics set Marco Natural (6810-15CY) - consists of 12 colored pencils, 3 graphite pencils HB, a ruler, an eraser and a sharpener.

All pencils are free from paint and are made from carefully selected wood. The pencils also have double gluing, so they are very durable and the probability of core breakage when falling is minimal! This ensures that you are unlikely to have to sharpen a pencil. Natural by Marco, for long-lasting color fun!

Of the features it is worth to highlight: good color reproduction, a hexagonal shape, as well as high-quality core pigments whose diameter is 2,9 mm. Color does not react to sunlight in any way, including fading.

Бренд Marco
Number of colors 12
Pencil shape hexagon
Stylus diameter 2.9mm
Type colored
Serie Natural
Type of packaging cardboard
Number of packs in the block 12
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