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Colored pencils Marco Metallic 12 colors (5101-12CB)

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Brand: Marco
Colored pencils Marco Metallic 12 colors (5101-12CB)

Colored pencils Marco Metallic 12 colors (5101-12CB) have a brilliant design and are ideal for drawing large areas on paper, as well as detailed, small and accurate drawings, illustrations and sketches. The main feature of the series is the metallic shade in the pigment and the metallic luster. Therefore, Marco Metallic pencils are well used for fine contouring of characters and objects at the final stage of the drawing.

The hexagonal shape of the pencil guarantees a stronger grip for extra control in the hand, and also prevents it from rolling off the table or drawing board. The durable 2.9 mm tip is pre-sharpened and does not crumble when dropped. The color on the paper matches the color on the pencil.

The Metallic series is suitable for use in schools, preschools and for home use. The pigment lays smoothly, the color along with the brilliance of metal allows you to draw fantastic works. It is also very convenient to combine Metallic pencils with other colored pencils, paints and felt-tip pens to create new pleasant effects.

Бренд Marco
Pencil shape hexagon
Stylus diameter 2.9mm
Type colored
Serie Metallic
Type of packaging cardboard
Pencils in box 12
Number of packs in the block 12
12 or more 99.4грн.
Worldwide delivery within 7-21 days
From manufacturer
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